Key Personnel Footprinting

Identify the digital presence of key or prospective employees via proprietary tools and open-source intelligence collection, coupled with world-class analysis.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Proven record of data privacy class-action lawsuit investigation support and consulting

  • Comprehensive investigations to determine availability of relevant PII in dark web venues

  • Unrivaled open-source and dark web investigative capabilities

  • World-class dark web and threat intelligence subject matter experts

  • Post-breach consulting, remediation, and response

Reduce targeted phishing by attackers, understanding your employees' digital presence is key to protecting them and you.

Data security and privacy improvements using investigations

Post-breach, we help determine data leakage. Proactively, we help you to understand cybercriminal threats you face, identify vulnerabilities, and help you to reduce your attack surface.

  • Comb the dark web to determine threats against your organization
  • Understand what sensitive information is available on the dark web
  • Identify the digital presence of your key employees
  • Determine the potential availability of victim PII in dark web venues
  • Support data privacy attorneys on lawsuits pertaining to data loss

Additional Resources

  • Organizational Due Diligence to improve your security posture

  • Forensics & Incident Response Retainer for 24x7 expert support

  • Digital Risk Protection to continuously monitor dark web, social media, domains, and websites