Digital Forensics Services

Identify, preserve, collect, and analyze data to support investigations and litigation.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Seasoned forensic investigators from both law enforcement and the private sector

  • Proven track record of successfully handling full-scope forensic investigations

  • Cloud-based forensic labs to get you answers without losing chain of custody

  • Trusted by more than 20 cyber insurance companies

  • Our physical laboratory in EMEA and the Americas perform device forensics

Gain a thorough understanding of your cybersecurity risk posture, allowing you to react, investigate, and contain risk.

Identify, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence

Our team will help your organization identify, acquire, process, analyze, and report on data stored electronically to help determine what data was exfiltrated, the root cause of intrusion, and provide evidence for follow-on litigation.

  • Understand any damage that occured using your employees’ email accounts with a Business Email Compromise investigation
  • Detects intruders dwelling in your network with a Compromise Assessment
  • Manage all stages of litigation with e-discovery or e-disclosure preservation requirements in EMEA
  • Determine what trade secrets, patented technology, industrial design or concept, and business data has been stolen and by whom
  • Threat hunt for all covered devices of the entity you acquire
  • Analyze phishing attacks to determine what credentials may have been compromised

Digital Forensics & Incident Response Retainer

  • Pre-arranged, rapid response SLAs to minimize breach impact
  • Predefined IR chain-of-command, processes, and communication methods
  • The ability to roll over unused hours into a retainer renewal
  • Annual domain-wide third-party breach report
  • Quarterly threat briefings
digital forensics incident response

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