Executive Team

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Jim Rosenthal
  • Executive Chairman

    Tom Glocer
  • Head of International Business Europe and Middle East

    Robert Hannigan
  • Head of International Business Asia and LATAM

    Gadi Goldstein
  • President of BlueVoyant Europe

    Gyorgy Robert Racz

Global Heads of Business

  • Global Head of Managed Security Services

    Milan Patel
  • Global Head of Threat Intelligence

    Ron Feler
  • Global Head of Supply Chain Defense

    Joel Milinoff
  • Global Head of Professional Services

    Austin Berglas
  • Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

    Vincent Dagostino

Corporate Team

  • General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Scott Brown
  • Chief Human Resources Officer

    Sangya Sharma
  • Chief Strategy Officer

    Catherine Chang

Technology, Analytics, and Operational Leadership

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Wayne Chung
  • Global Head of Operations

    Travis Mercier
  • Chief Analytics Officer

    Brandon Beaty
  • Chief Information Security Officer

    Sadiq Khan
  • COO of Supply Chain Defense

    Brendan Conlon
  • Chief Cryptographer and Data Scientist

    Peter Gleitz
  • Director of Security Operations

    Craig Lutterbie

Sales and Marketing

  • Chief Revenue Officer

    Michael Conley
  • Head of Sales, Americas

    David carlson
  • Head of Channels

    Craig Hurley
  • SVP of Marketing

    Jonathan Beaton
  • VP Sales, US

    Pete Sheldon
  • VP Sales, UK

    Holly steele
  • VP Sales, Europe

    Jens Wymeersch
  • VP Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan

    Sumit Bansal

Strategic Development Group

  • Vice President, Strategic Development Group

    Mark Risoldi
  • Vice President, Strategic Development Group

    Dan Vasile duotone Circle 2x
  • Vice President, Strategic Development Group

    Beeson 2x
  • Vice President, Strategic Development Group

    Eric staffin 2x

Managed Sentinel

  • President

    Marius Mocanu
  • Chief Security Architect and CTO

    Adrian Grigorof


  • SVP, Concanon

    Matt Gonter

BlueVoyant Government Solutions

  • Co-Founder

    Arun sankaran 2x
  • Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder

    Jim thompson 2x
  • Chief Technology Officer

    Sebastian Sobolev 2x

Company Advisors

  • Senior Advisor

    Bill Crumm
  • Senior Advisor

    Admiral Mike Mullen
  • Senior Advisor

    Mike Wertheimer
  • Senior Advisor

    James Aquilina