Digital Forensics and Incident Response Retainer

Always-on access to an expert technical team ready to respond at any time.

DFIR Retainer

  • Seasoned forensic investigators from both law enforcement and the private sector 
  • Our Incident Response team is trusted by more than 20 cyber insurance companies 
  • Proven track record of successfully handling full-scope forensic investigations 
  • Cloud-based forensic labs to get you answers without losing chain of custody 
  • Our physical laboratory in EMEA and the Americas perform device forensics 
  • Pre-arranged, rapid response SLAs to minimize breach impact
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Digital Forensics Services

  • Identify, preserve, collect, and analyze data to support investigations and litigation. 
  • Understand any damage that occurred using your employees’ email accounts with a Business Email Compromise investigation 
  • Detects intruders dwelling in your network with a Compromise Assessment 
  • Determine what trade secrets, patented technology, industrial design or concept, and business data has been stolen and by whom 
  • Analyze phishing attacks to determine what credentials may have been compromised 
  • Threat hunt for all covered devices of the entity you acquire
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Third-Party Data Breach Exposure Report

  • Provides actionable intelligence and context to protect against threats from the dark web 
  • Illuminates even the most obscure venues of cybercriminal communication 
  • BlueVoyant maintains proprietary and licensed databases of scraped dark web forums, marketplaces, paste platforms, and encrypted chat messaging applications
data breach exposure report

Gain a thorough understanding of your cybersecurity risk posture, allowing you to react, investigate, and contain risk.