A proactive, collaborative, and holistic approach to attack surface management.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Endpoint, software, cloud, and container inventory auditing.

  • Risk-based asset tagging.

  • Vulnerability scanning and patch management.

  • Cloud and container misconfiguration scanning.

  • BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence integration.

  • Automated pen testing and phishing campaigns.

VISIBL for Qualys

  • Inventory your endpoint, software, cloud, and container assets
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning and configure zero-touch patch management for your assets using their 99.999% accurate vulnerability engine
  • Perform cloud and container misconfiguration scanning
  • Incorporate BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence alerts to inform you of potential vulnerabilities prior to Qualys vulnerability notification
  • Password auditing, container imagine registry scanning, and more
Visibl for qualys

VISIBL for Microsoft Defender

BlueVoyant's VISIBL team will utilize Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management to:

  • Inventory your software and assets
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning using Defender for Endpoint
  • Perform automated pen testing, phishing, and awareness campaigns
  • Provide BlueVoyant Threat and Dark Web Intelligence
Visibl for microsoft defender