Account Takeover Monitoring

BlueVoyant Account Takeover Monitoring detects credentials being sold on cybercriminal forums and prevents them from being used in account hacking attempts.

  • Immediate actionable alerts

    Receive alerts from our expert analysts when compromised data and credentials are sold or exchanged by threat actors and remediate the exposure.

  • Minimized fraudulent activity

    Monitor threat actor activity to find exposed credentials in real time and take action to prevent them from being used in account takeover attacks.

BlueVoyant Sky: Digital Risk Protection

Defend against account takeovers

Continuously monitor for leaked credentials to prevent account takeover attacks.

  • Visibility

  • Validation

  • Remediation

  • Takedowns

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BlueVoyant leverages the best technology, talent, and telemetry in the industry to deliver positive security outcomes that drive business results.