V for Verified: The Sophisticated Social Media Impersonation Campaigns Targeting Corporate Executives

Social media impersonation is a common attack method threat actors use to dupe users into providing personally identifiable information (PII), payment information, or transferring money to them directly. Corporate executives and VIPs are especially sought-after targets, as hackers can take advantage of their public presence to trick unsuspecting users.

BlueVoyant’s cyber threat analysts have been tracking a series of executive social media impersonation campaigns to study threat actor behavior and the scope of these attacks. This report provides a look at our findings, including campaign characteristics, the scope of the phenomenon, and recommendations for mitigating risk for corporate executives.

Download this report to learn about:

  • The tactics threat actors use to carry out executive impersonation attacks
  • A real case study of an executive impersonation campaign our analysts tracked and engaged with
  • The implications for security teams that must grapple with social media impersonation of their organizations’ executives and VIPs