Seamlessly integrate internal, supply chain, and external cyber defenses.

external cyber defense platform

The BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Integrated security solutions and threat intelligence protect your entire landscape.

  • Measure, manage, and strengthen your security posture within a single platform.

  • Flexible, scalable solution for quick implementation and easy management.

  • Consolidated threat intelligence ensures vigilance and enhances MDR capabilities.

  • Use AI, machine learning, and automation to neutralize threats quickly.

  • Deploy and manage security solutions with thorough threat identification, validation, and mitigation.


Detection & Response

  • MXDR for Microsoft
  • MXDR for Splunk
  • DFIR
Product Image DR 01

Supply Chain Defense

  • Continuous Monitoring & Remediation
  • Questionnaire Management
  • Point-in-Time Risk Assessments
  • Vendor Risk Program Consulting
Product Image SCD 01

Digital Risk Protection

  • Brand Protection
  • Dark Web Watcher
  • Executive Cyber Guard
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Cyber Posture Management

  • Posture Self-Assessment
  • Security Assessments
  • Virtual CISO
  • Readiness
Product Image CPM 01

Proactive Defense

  • Offensive Cybersecurity Services
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