AI-Driven Cyber Defense

Extending human capacity to detect and remediate cyber attacks in an evolving threat landscape.

Defend against AI-generated threats from the inside out

  • Gain a holistic, real-time picture of the entire attack surface with automated monitoring of all networks and endpoints as well as the clear, deep, and dark web
  • Utilize expert-built image recognition, entity identification, and NLP tools to capture emerging signals of deepfake impersonations, data leaks, and other malicious activity
  • Identify the external-facing vulnerabilities most susceptible to high-volume attacks with AI-driven risk scoring and digital footprinting
Artificial intelligence for cyber defense

Maximize your Microsoft investment when protecting your AI

  • Secure your AI infrastructure with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Sentinel
  • Questions about Microsoft Security Copilot? Contact us for help determining the best path forward for your use cases
Maximize your microsoft investment

Operate with the speed and scale of AI

  • Take immediate action on rapidly evolving campaigns with unlimited automated takedowns of phishing sites, domain look-alikes, and more
  • Eliminate the noise and false positives from alert streams with AI-powered prioritization and triage of active threat information
  • Spend more time and resources on remediation with validated threat data and dedicated analyst support
Ai driven cyber defense

Stay one step ahead with unparalleled telemetry and talent

  • Prepare for new types of cyber attack with AI and ML tools built by experienced analysts who deeply understand threat actor behavior and tendencies
  • Gain unrivaled insights into active threats with AI and ML models trained on exclusive, high-quality data sources
  • Continuously improve cyber detection and remediation performance, with ongoing analyst-curated refinement of algorithms
Artificial intelligence cybersecurity

Solutions built with AI since day one

  • High-quality data ingestion

  • Evolving threat detection

  • Digital footprinting accuracy

  • Takedown automation

  • Alert noise reduction

  • Analyst remediation support

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