Supply Chain Defense

A fully managed solution that rapidly identifies and resolves critical cybersecurity issues in your third-party ecosystem.

Rapidly mitigate cyber risks in your third-party ecosystem

We continuously monitor your third parties to identify, prioritize, and remediate critical cybersecurity issues.

Bluevoyant supply chain defense

AI-powered digital footprinting

Advanced AI/ML models continuously illuminate suppliers’ entire digital footprint, revealing key insights into your organization’s cyber risk posture without unnecessary noise or false positives.

Third party risk management ai

Scale with accuracy and expertise

Stay ahead of changing risk trends in your extended supply chain to inform risk management and compliance assessments.

third party risk management

Map reportings against risk control frameworks

Validate statements made by third parties within standard and company-specific questionnaires.

third party cyber risk management

Confirm the cyber hygiene and risk of a critically important relationship

Avoid direct financial losses, regulatory fines, and reputational damage by vetting and mitigating key cyber risk in your extended digital attack surface.

Third party assessment

Reduce risk in your portfolio companies

Bolster and keep watch over your portfolio companies with external technical diligence and continuous assessment and monitoring.

Tprm third party risk management

Manage distributed third-party cyber risk with speed and accuracy

  • Easily deployable, immediately actionable

  • Continuous monitoring for non-stop coverage

  • Risk Operations Center leveraging seasoned expertise

  • Fully scalable across all sizes of vendor networks

  • Zero-day remediation carried out quickly across your vendor ecosystem

  • Risk prioritization tailored to your business needs


  • Identify, qualify, and manage vendor risk
  • Extend supply chain risk visibility
  • Validate statements made by third-parties
  • Report on third-party cyber resilience
  • Continuously manage portfolio cyber risk
  • Improve your third-party cyber risk approach