Incident Response

We contain, remediate, investigate, and provide litigation support for your cyber crisis.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Effectively contain, remediate, and investigate the incident

  • Trusted by more than 20 cyber insurance companies

  • Our team contains former FBI cyber forensic investigators

  • Proven track record of successful full scale forensic investigation matters

  • Customized investigation based on scope, evidence available, cost, and client objectives

  • Seamless coordination and communication with data privacy counsel

BlueVoyant is proud to participate on these Cyber Insurance Panels

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The first 72 hours following the discovery of a data breach are critical. From forensic collection and detailed analysis to litigation considerations and overall crisis management, our team is there when you need it most.

Fast and effective resolution of your cyber threats

An incident can cause business disruption, loss or destruction of sensitive data, litigation, and a tarnished reputation. Resolution without understanding is a great way to end up back where you started. We identify the breach’s root cause while simultaneously eliminating unauthorized access and minimizing business interruption.

  • Incident occurs and our team is contacted
  • Our experts conduct extensive scoping call
  • Regular updates with client during mission-driven work
  • Seamless coordination and communication with data privacy counsel
  • Collect, package, and present findings and recommendations
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Digital Forensics & Incident Response Retainer

  • Pre-arranged, rapid response SLAs to minimize breach impact
  • Predefined IR chain-of-command, processes, and communication methods
  • The ability to roll over unused hours into a retainer renewal
  • Annual domain-wide third-party breach report
  • Quarterly threat briefings
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Cyber Insurance Partnerships and Panels

  • We work with insurance companies to provide immediate and cost-effective investigative responses to current and emerging threats
  • More than 20 cyber insurance companies trust BlueVoyant to perform incident response for their insureds, and our on-staff insurance specialists help ensure that claims are facilitated as effortlessly as possible
  • We offer Proactive Services to help your insureds improve their incident preparedness
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