MDR for Endpoint

Automated blocking, expert incident investigation, and rapid threat containment across your endpoints.

mdr for endpoint security

24x7 SOC monitoring with full transparency

Triage, investigation, and remediation of security events while you watch via the customer portal in real time.

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Advanced threat detection with full telemetry

Our proactive threat hunting activities will reveal dormant or trojan threat actors that evade your network and endpoint detection solutions.

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Rapid, accurate response, and threat mitigation

Proprietary, open-source, and dark web intelligence to identify attacks, expedite triage and enrich investigations.

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Effective automation tools

Custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, accelerate threat detection, eliminate false-positives and reduce manual tasks.

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Always-on detection and response

  • 24x7 investigation from SOC experts

  • Automated and manual classification of indicator data

  • Software upgrades you can manage and prescreen

  • Full telemetry to actively hunt for threats that are evading detection

  • Prevention of malware and monitoring of network health

  • Tracking and recording of all relevant alerts


  • Protect your endpoints
  • Accelerate your SIEM deployment
  • Get a 24x7 co-managed SOC

Cyber defense for your evolving threat landscape