A proactive, collaborative, and holistic approach to attack surface management.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Endpoint, software, cloud, and container inventory auditing

  • Risk-based asset tagging

  • Vulnerability scanning and patch management

  • Cloud and container misconfiguration scanning

  • BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence integration

  • Automated pen testing, phishing, and awareness campaigns

BlueVoyant’s VISIBL enables organizations to perform all aspects for attack surface management from beginning to end.

Identify evolving threats to your business

VISIBL is a holistic suite of services designed to help clients of all sizes with vulnerability identification, including vulnerability scans, penetration testing, phishing awareness, and dark web threat research.

  • Continuously monitor for vulnerabilities beyond annual Penetration Testing
  • Full-service Vulnerability Scanning with some concierge hours
  • Keep your employees aware of new attacker tactics
  • Sharpen security team response to evolving attack vectors

VISIBL for Qualys

  • Inventory your endpoint, software, cloud, and container assets
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning and configure zero-touch patch management for your assets using their 99.999% accurate vulnerability engine
  • Perform cloud and container misconfiguration scanning
  • Incorporate BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence alerts to inform you of potential vulnerabilities prior to Qualys vulnerability notification
  • Password auditing, container imagine registry scanning, and more
Visibl for qualys

VISIBL for Microsoft Defender

BlueVoyant's VISIBL team will utilize Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management to:

  • Inventory your software and assets
  • Conduct vulnerability scanning using Defender for Endpoint
  • Perform automated pen testing, phishing, and awareness campaigns
  • Provide BlueVoyant Threat and Dark Web Intelligence
Visibl for microsoft defender

Additional Resources

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  • Cybersecurity Assessment to improve your security posture
  • Digital Forensics to identify, preserve, collect, and analyze data to support investigations and litigation

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