Incident Response Plan

An effective plan that helps you quickly identify, contain, and respond to incidents will significantly reduce the potential impact of a data breach.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • We have former FBI cyber forensic investigators that respond to advanced cyber threats

  • Our Incident Response team is trusted by more than 20 cyber insurance companies

  • Vulnerability identification using vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and user awareness

  • Control your extended endpoint and IT perimeter using our various Managed Services

  • We can develop and improve your IR plans to more effectively combat attackers

We perform a readiness review to determine your Incident Response plan maturity. Then we develop or update your emergency response plan, incorporating the personnel and procedures needed to effectively identify, contain, and respond to the most likely cyber incidents.

Prepare teams, respond faster, and identify and remediate vulnerabilities

We help your team address the full Incident Response lifecycle, from detection, analysis, containment, and post-incident investigation, to possible litigation support. BlueVoyant will proactively help you identify vulnerabilities, test and assess controls, and provide managed security services.

  • Compromise assessment to detect intruders dwelling in your network
  • Readiness assessment determines your Incident Response plan maturity
  • Create, develop, or update your emergency response plan
  • VISIBL to periodically identify vulnerabilities for quick remediation
  • Incident Response Retainers and Managed Services for security support

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