MDR for Splunk

End-to-end consulting, implementation, and MDR services powered by Splunk® Cloud or Splunk® Enterprise platform.

Splunk enterprise security services

MXDR for Splunk

Extend protection from endpoint to cloud using Splunk technology using a cloud-native, fully integrated security solution that utilizes a single dashboard to enable data collection visibility across multiple platform (such as endpoint, IoT, cloud workloads, networks) to avoid cross-stack blind spots.

Splunk technology implementation

MXDR for Splunk + Splunk Enterprise Security

BlueVoyant’s MXDR for Splunk and Splunk Enterprise Security creates a co-managed SOC to strengthen your security posture by maximizing and optimizing your Splunk Enterprise Security.

Mxdr with consulting

MDR for Splunk® Cloud

BlueVoyant MDR for Splunk Cloud® platform is designed to assist your team with the monitoring and protection of your assets and resources in your Splunk environment, maximizing your investment in Splunk technology and providing a complete portfolio of security services, ongoing platform care and maintenance, and 24x7 security operations as a service.

Mdr for splunk cloud

AI-driven alert triage

Tune out the noise in security alert streams with AI-driven prioritization and refinement of correlated events as well as the reduction of false positives.

Mdr for splunk

MDR for Splunk® Enterprise

BlueVoyant MDR for Splunk® Enterprise identifies and mitigates threats as they emerge and ensures that businesses and wider ecosystems are always prepared for rapid, effective response, and threat neutralization.

Mdr for splunk enterprise

Identify, manage, detect, and respond to known and emerging vulnerabilities

Pairing our MXDR for Splunk with the integrated capabilities of our VISIBL for Qualys offering which assists clients of all sizes with deep attack surface management.

Splunk managed services

The only end-to-end cyber risk mitigation platform

Only BlueVoyant’s MDR includes Scan & Protect - Advanced phishing detection meets continuous open source and dark web monitoring with automated remediation and takedown tools to deliver an end-to-end DRP solution.

Splunk mdr

Optimize your Splunk Platform

Technical assessment of your Splunk platform (Cloud Platform or Enterprise) designed to identify your system’s security, performance, configuration, and system reliability problems before they affect your critical operations.

Splunk security services

Splunk Enterprise to Splunk Cloud migration

Our engagement will empower you to migrate yourself to Splunk Cloud. For an additional fee, our Splunk Cloud Deployment can deploy and onboard you into the Splunk Cloud.

Splunk partner mdr

Splunk Next Generation Content Features Risk Based Alerting (RBA)

BlueVoyant Risk Based Alerting (RBA) alerts you on threat actors who use often benign activities maliciously.

Splunk mdr security

Splunk Analytics Optimization Engagement

Optimize your Splunk workload by identifying data required to power your KPI, discovering data anomalies, and tackle unnecessary searches.

Splunk technology implementation

Splunk and BlueVoyant: A powerful combination

  • Best practices from over 3,000 Splunk engagements to accelerate your deployment and quickly measure Splunk investment in days, not months

  • 24x7 continuous strengthening of your security posture

  • Platform engagements to help maximize value from your investment in Splunk

  • Automatic weekly content updates to protect against the latest threats and zero-days

  • Custom correlation rules and reports that identify threats to sensitive data and demonstrate regulatory compliance

  • Full visibility into incidents, assets, vulnerabilities, and ongoing investigations


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