High Volume Monitoring

Extended cyber risk visibility across your supply chain.

  • Full spectrum coverage

    View summarized risk levels and critical risk-finding counts on previously unmonitored vendors in your extended supply chain, making sure no company falls under the radar.

    High volume monitoring
  • Actionable visibility of risk

    Stay ahead of changing risk trends in your extended supply chain to inform risk management and compliance assessments.

    Scd high volume monitoring
  • Broad, deep data feeds

    Utilize BlueVoyant’s enriched feeds of proprietary and exclusive-use data, including firmographic, device detail, and adversary attack data to provide holistic cyber risk analysis.

    Supply chain defense tprm
  • Superior tiering and prioritization

    Leverage accurate and comprehensive cyber risk information to better tier and evaluate your supply chain and determine which vendors should be more closely monitored and prioritized.

    Tprm third party risk management
Supply Chain Defense

Leave no vendor uncovered

Complete risk identification across the extended supply chain to supplement in-depth coverage of critical vendors.

  • Extensive Coverage

  • Holistic Risk Management

  • Actionable Intelligence

  • Aggregate Risk Identification

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