Governance, Risk & Compliance

Improve your security posture by prioritizing and remediating cybersecurity risks.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Make better-informed business decisions by uncovering cyber risks

  • Improve your security posture in one rapid assessment

  • Educate employees to thwart phishing attacks and protect assets

  • Improve your security posture without expensive in-house talent

  • Perform meaningful, comprehensive assessments quickly

Uncover, prioritize, and develop remediation strategies to address costly cybersecurity risks and improve your overall security posture. Educate your employees with user awareness training, and support your security team with a Virtual CISO.

Improve your security posture

Whether you are evaluating existing divisions, acquiring companies, or divesting units, our diverse services portfolio provides organizations with a greater understanding of their cybersecurity risks to help prevent operational changes from negatively impacting their security posture.

  • Organizational digital footprinting and cyber risk analysis
  • Digital hygiene assessments and external vulnerability analysis
  • Security improvement roadmaps and project charters
  • Division integration or divestiture monitoring to meet security standards
  • Control your endpoint and IT perimeter using our managed services

Cybersecurity Assessments

  • Help prepare clients for regulatory compliance audits
  • Optimization and rationalization of the client’s current security technologies
  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of the client’s cybersecurity practices across people, process, technology, and governance using our proprietary framework
  • Build an 18-to-24 month security improvement roadmap that categorizes improvements by risk level, identifying which risks require immediate attention, and which have a low impact
  • Improve security posture by prioritizing and remediating cybersecurity risks using one rapid assessment
Cybersecurity assessments compliance

Organizational Due Diligence

  • Assess strategic and technical cyber risk
  • Assess existing, acquiring, or divested operational assets
  • Provide a comprehensive risk profile and an actionable roadmap
  • Post-assessment, we provide ongoing monitoring and managed services
Organizational due diligence cyber risk

Virtual CISO

  • Flexible engagements can cover multiple security domains
  • Optimization of information security governance structure
  • Assess and select cost efficient security technologies
  • Manage security compliance and alignment, as well as security team staffing and optimization
Vciso security

User Awareness Training

  • Protect your company’s assets by educating your employees
  • Bespoke approach uses guidance from your internal SMEs
  • Phishing tests use your specific organization’s employees and processes
  • Engagements can take as little as four weeks from scoping to final test
Cybersecurity user awareness training

CMMC + NIST 800-53

  • Executive training on how to begin preparing for CMMC + NIST 800-53
  • Understand where FCI and CUI live in your environment
  • CMMC requirements documentation and project management
  • Review required controls and best practices to comply
  • Provide mock assessments and self-assessment support engagement
Cmmc nist 800 53 compliance

Additional Resources

  • Incident Preparedness to improve your cyber resilience
  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis to test people, process, and technology
  • Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence to help you make better-informed M&A decisions

Professional Services provides numerous proactive solutions to help improve your cybersecurity posture