Directed Remediation

Leverage expert analysts to continuously validate critical vulnerability findings and directly communicate with third parties on remediation.

  • Unprecedented visibility & accuracy

    Leverage powerful telemetry collected from exclusive use and proprietary datasets and accurately attribute findings with advanced machine learning capabilities and our human-in-the-loop processes.

    Cyber risk mitigation
  • Continuous monitoring, unmatched scale

    Easily scale your third-party cyber risk management capabilities to cover any vendor or business partner with real-time visibility into your entire ecosystem.

    Supply chain cyber risk mitigation
  • Prioritize and resolve cybersecurity issues

    Prioritize critical vulnerabilities and findings based on factors that are important to your business and leverage our risk operations professionals to solve issues directly with your third parties, dramatically reducing third-party cyber risk.

    Supply chain cybersecurity
  • The ROC advantage

    BlueVoyant's Risk Operations Center (ROC) provides direct collaboration with your third parties, saving you time, measurably improving risk reduction while safeguarding your relationships.

    Supply chain cybersecurity services
Supply Chain Defense

Don't just rely on a rating

Get accurate, actionable intelligence into the cybersecurity posture of your supply chain. All delivered as an end-to-end solution

  • Comprehensive Defense

  • Rapid Remediation

  • Direct Vendor Contact

  • Dynamic Oversight

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BlueVoyant leverages the best technology, talent, and telemetry in the industry to deliver positive security outcomes that drive business results.