A Day in the Life of a ROC Analyst

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Defense establishes a comprehensive defense for your extended attack surface by leveraging its world-class Risk Operations Center (ROC).

The ROC, modeled after traditional security operations centers, quickly responds to and directs remediation across your extended ecosystem, providing expert-driven interaction between seasoned analysts and your supply chain vendors. But what does it mean to be a ROC analyst, and what edge does that expertise grant you?

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • How thousands of third parties can be easily monitored by the ROC in order to understand their security and risk posture
  • The process through which the footprints of your extended attack surface are validated and curated by analysts to identify risk
  • What kinds of methods are used to curate findings and communicate directly with vendors in an supply chain
  • How ROC analysts respond to and remediate Zero-day vulnerabilities in record time