BlueVoyant’s ROC Advantage

Managing supply chain defense has become the defining security challenge of our time. The more expansive and complicated your vendor supply chain gets, the wider your attack surface.

Unfortunately, many enterprises still use ad hoc solutions or limit themselves to security ratings services to address third-party risk.As the number of supply chain attacks increase, organizations need a partner who offers a holistic strategy and actionable intelligence for third-party risk management.

In this eBook, uncover four distinct advantages to leveraging BlueVoyant’s Risk Operations Center (ROC). Download now to learn why the ROC is the next step in the evolution of third-party risk mitigation, including:

  • How BlueVoyant’s team of cybersecurity analysts can support your organization with expertise and direct communication with your vendors so you can scale the business.
  • The importance of defending against third-party vulnerabilities, rather than simply scoring them.
  • How the ROC can meet your unique needs with a flexible approach to addressing risk and a comprehensive cyber defense.