Digital Risk Protection

Go outside the wire with our end-to-end digital risk protection solution to detect and eliminate cyber threats before they impact your business and customers.

Unrivaled sources deliver unmatched detection

Our exclusive access to DNS data sets and cyber crime channels enables the most comprehensive approach to digital risk protection.

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Exclusive takedown capabilities thwart hackers at the source

We automatically initiate takedown requests of phishing sites and spoofed domains within 24 hours of detection, leveraging close partnerships with registrars to eliminate the threat.

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Expert-validated threat data eliminates false positives

Count on our best-in-class machine learning-driven digital risk protection platform and expert analysts to verify automated alerts to ensure the highest fidelity signal-to-noise ratio possible.

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Sentiment analysis bolsters raw findings

Our digital risk protection platform validates VIP and executive personnel mentions across the clear, deep, and dark web using advanced sentiment analysis capabilities that clarifies the threat level of each narrative.

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  • Proactively detect threats and take down unlimited phishing attacks targeting your organization

  • Scour the clear, deep, and dark web to engage with threat actors and proactively identify leaked data

  • Monitor corporate executives' data to prevent financial, reputational, and even physical harm

  • Receive immediate alerts when data is exposed to mitigate account takeover attempts

  • Defend against fraud campaigns using stolen customer PII by tracking cybercrime activity

  • Analyze external threats by mapping your attack surface


  • Digital Brand Protection
  • Data Leakage Detection
  • Executive Cyber Guard
  • Account Takeover Monitoring
  • Fraud Campaign Discovery
  • External Attack Surface Analysis

Cyber defense for your evolving threat landscape