Cribl Consulting

Get the right data to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time using Cribl Stream.

  • Data Management

    Evaluate your data management maturity, then plan to improve your data management to reduce costs, improve data quality & analytics, and optimize data to meet your business goals.

    Cribl consulting services
  • Cribl Platform Engagement

    Assessment of existing Cribl Stream deployment that helps optimize resource usage, configuration settings, pack usage, and data handling.

    Cribl stream
  • Cribl Deployment to implement and optimize your investment

    BlueVoyant will determine your personalized Cribl Stream use cases, craft an optimized deployment design, implement to your environment, and perform additional fine-tuning to your requirements.

    Cribl splunk
  • MDR for Splunk® Cloud and Splunk Enterprise

    Helps Splunk clients correlate and analyze network, user, endpoint asset and other security logs in real time.

    Splunk cloud platform
  • MDR for Microsoft

    End-to-end consulting, implementation, and MDR services powered by Microsoft® Security Technology.

    Splunk cloud

BlueVoyant leverages the best technology, talent, and telemetry in the industry to deliver positive security outcomes that drive business results.