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External Attack Surface Monitoring

An enterprise’s digital footprint is constantly evolving and growing, making it harder to keep track and categorize all digital assets. To effectively defend, you need to understand what they are, what role they play, and how susceptible they are to cyber attacks.

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Features / Benefits

  • Visibility on your digital assets

  • We conduct an accounting of all your public-facing digital assets.
  • Continuous monitoring

  • Keep eyes on your assets. 24/7 monitoring helps to ensure any emerging threat gets detected and dismantled as soon as possible.
  • Proactive action-based strategies

  • Our methodologies based on decades of cyber security data help to protect you against future threats.

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The service

Gain control of your digital assets

We continuously monitor external attack surfaces and immediately alert you to potential vulnerabilities that could be leveraged by an attacker. This includes providing an overview of compromised assets and potential network infections.

Our unique and proprietary global internet data gives us an unprecedented external perception of customer networks. Using this, we create a baseline mapping of your overall network landscape that is comprised of the hosting strategy, network dependencies, registration norms, and interactions between internal assets and external entities. Once this baseline is established, we search for vulnerabilities from both an attacker’s and a defender’s perspectives.

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Why Trust BlueVoyant?

We combine a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, industry-best data, and process automation to help businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing landscape.

Frontline Expertise

Our team is comprised of world-class cyber experts led by former senior leaders from the NSA, FBI, Unit 8200, GCHQ, and Fortune 500 companies.

We serve as an extension of your security team to deliver a level of protection previously available to only the largest and most well-defended organizations.

Integrated Intelligence

BlueVoyant uses the largest globally distributed private sector datasets to track and prepare against the latest attack vectors.

We identify and mitigate threats as they emerge, ensuring your business and wider ecosystem are always prepared for rapid, effective response and threat neutralization.

Effective Automation

Our custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, help detect threats faster, eliminate false positives and reduce manual tasks.

They turn our experts’ tradecraft into code, so we can scale across your threat landscape and focus where it counts.

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