BlueVoyant Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with High-Growth and More Than 700 Customers Around the Globe

July 28, 2022

NEW YORK, July 28, 2022 — BlueVoyant, an industry-leading cyber defense company converging internal and external security, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with monumental corporate growth. Since its launch in 2017, BlueVoyant has gained the trust of more than 700 clients across 30 countries thanks to the dedication of 650 employees in more than 20 countries. BlueVoyant has grown to become a leading cyber defender, successfully monitoring and protecting clients’ digital ecosystems globally.

Throughout the past five years, the BlueVoyant team has worked tirelessly to address the most pressing cybersecurity challenges facing organizations. A testament to its efforts was the recent unveiling of BlueVoyant Elements™, which brings managed detection and response, third-party cyber risk management, digital risk protection, and expert professional services together in one end-to-end solution.

Elements, an outcomes-based, cloud-native cyber defense platform, converges internal and external cybersecurity capabilities. Providing greater visibility, accuracy, and actionability, Elements offers the full spectrum of BlueVoyant cyber defense capabilities that are customizable to individual needs, including its BlueVoyant Core: MDR™ (Managed Detection & Response), BlueVoyant Terrain: SCD™ (Supply Chain Defense), BlueVoyant Sky: DRP™ (Digital Risk Protection) and BlueVoyant Liquid: PS™ (Professional Services).

“Our impressive growth has been a testament to the need for defending companies and government agencies from internal and external threats as the cybersecurity landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated,” said Jim Rosenthal, CEO and co-founder, BlueVoyant. “We founded this company to deliver rock-solid cyber defense in a way no existing services did. In such a short time, we have not only been able to achieve this goal, helping customers solve cybersecurity challenges in new ways, but also surpass expectations with more growth on the horizon.”

Funding and Acquisitions

Since its founding, the company has raised significant funding to continue deepening its advanced technical capabilities and accelerate its global expansion.

Over the past few years, BlueVoyant has made key acquisitions to strengthen its product lines. In 2021 alone, BlueVoyant acquired Marclay (now BlueVoyant U.K.), which expanded its presence in the U.K., and Concanon, a data analytics firm that accelerated the migration to and adoption of the Splunk Cloud Platform. That same year, BlueVoyant welcomed 202 Group, which added supply chain illumination and non cyber risk capabilities to its external cyber risk assessments. In 2020, the company acquired Managed Sentinel, a cloud-native security provider, which strengthened BlueVoyant’s ability to serve Microsoft customers globally, while enabling Managed Sentinel to leverage BlueVoyant’s threat intelligence and MDR capabilities.

“Just as our company has expanded, so have our capabilities and reach,” said Tom Glocer, executive chairman and co-founder, BlueVoyant. “We launched BlueVoyant to defend against the world’s toughest threat actors.”

Awards and Industry Recognition

BlueVoyant’s cyber defense platform has garnered industry recognition with more than 20 awards and nominations since its founding including:

Diversity and Giving Back

In an effort to make the security industry more diverse, BlueVoyant has sponsored and organized STEM internships every year in partnership with StemCx for kids in the Baltimore area, recognized by Maryland State Senator Jill P. Carter.

BlueVoyant has also made it a mission to regularly contribute to humanitarian efforts, matching 100% of its employees’ donations for key causes. This solidifies the company's mission as not only intent on business growth, but harnessing employees' awareness and their support of local communities and global humanitarian causes.

Company Roots

BlueVoyant’s vision to leverage world-class technology, telemetry, and talent to deliver rock-solid cyber defense against malicious attacks began when the company was founded in 2017 as BlueteamGlobal. Co-founded by CEO Rosenthal, former chief operating officer at Morgan Stanley, and Executive Chairman Glocer, former CEO at Thomson Reuters, with other cybersecurity leaders, the company changed its name to BlueVoyant in late 2017.

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant converges internal and external cyber defense capabilities into an outcomes-based, cloud-native platform called BlueVoyant Elements. Elements continuously monitors your network, endpoints, attack surface, and supply chain as well as the open, deep, and dark web for vulnerabilities, risks, and threats; and takes action to protect your business, leveraging both machine learning-driven automation and human-led expertise. Elements can be deployed as independent solutions or together as a full-spectrum cyber defense platform. BlueVoyant’s approach to cyber defense revolves around three key pillars — technology, telemetry, and talent — that deliver rock-solid cyber defense capabilities to more than 700 customers across the globe.

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