Checking Out: How Cyber Threat Actors Use Physical Checks to Commit Fraud

As businesses embrace advanced cybersecurity solutions that prevent digital fraud, some threat actors have turned to a more analog method to evade detection: physical check fraud.

Over the past year, BlueVoyant has observed a significant spike in the trade of compromised and fraudulent checks on the deep and dark web. Threat actors steal checks from the mail or create counterfeit versions that are virtually indecipherable from authentic ones, selling them on cybercrime forums at great profit or using them to deposit significant amounts of money into their own accounts.

This report provides a holistic picture of the check fraud epidemic and offers solutions to improve resistance against its risks. Download the report now to learn:

  • How threat actors steal real checks or create convincing counterfeits to carry out fraud campaigns
  • The scale of the underground markets and the rapid rise of check fraud as a primary attack vector
  • What this means for financial institutions, and how they can mitigate the risk of check fraud targeting their customers