Fakebook: How Attackers Use Social Media Impersonation to Scam Bank Customers

While social media impersonation is old news to security teams, BlueVoyant cyber threat analysts have identified an advanced campaign targeting banking customers using a new method: spoofed customer service accounts.

For two years, our researchers have tracked and engaged with the threat actors spearheading this elaborate plot, who seem to be collaborating and constantly evolving to evade detection by threat hunters. This type of attack not only causes damage to the end user; it can cause irreparable harm to a bank’s brand reputation, as well.

This report is a deep dive into the characteristics, scope, and tactics the attackers used to deploy this sophisticated campaign.

Download now to learn:

  • How threat actors are able to set up spoofed accounts and target customers
  • The methods they use to gain access to sensitive data, like bank account numbers, and dupe users into providing their payment card information or a direct deposit
  • Best practices for remediation and recommendations for preventing this type of scam