On-Demand Webinar

Digital Crossroads: External Cyber Defense Trends

On-Demand Webinar

Global business is at a critical juncture: how can the digital economy flourish while mitigating the security risks of increasingly connected corporate IT infrastructure?

To address this challenge and counteract the growing threat of compromise to the external attack surface, organizations of all sizes and across all sectors must give greater consideration to external cyber defense by remediating and mitigating threats targeting variables beyond your control: customers and third-party connections.

BlueVoyant has compiled an analysis of emerging trends that represent these critical concerns for organizations across all industries. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss the following concerning cyber threat trends security teams should be following:

  • The growing threat of RDP as a vector for ransomware

  • Increasingly advanced phishing campaigns

  • Multifaceted financial fraud campaigns incorporating spoofed physical checks

  • Mitigating threats targeting your organization and exposed supply chain


  • George Aquila | Product Marketing Manager, Supply Chain Defense

  • Kevin Diffily | Product Marketing Manager, Digital Risk Protection

  • Lorri Janssen-Anessi | Director of External Cyber Assessments