Emerging External Cyber Defense Trends [2023]

One of the primary cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations today is an expansion of the digital ecosystem to include external exposure like third-party connections and internet brand presence, all of which must be overseen and defended.

To address this challenge to business processes and counteract the growing threat of compromise to the external attack surface, organizations of all sizes and across all sectors must give greater consideration to External Cyber Defense — the process of remediating and mitigating threats that can target their web presence, as well as extrinsic, third-party connections.

BlueVoyant has compiled an analysis of emerging trends that represent critical concerns for organizations of all types, included in this new report.

Download the report now to:

  • Learn about the growing threat of RDP as a vector for ransomware
  • Gain insights on increasingly advanced phishing and financial fraud campaigns
  • Learn to mitigate threats targeting your organization and common vulnerabilities and risky behaviors that expose your supply chain

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