White Paper

Building Trust in the Supply Chain with Cyber Resiliency

When it comes to designing or improving upon your organization’s security program, one key area to focus on and include is cyber resilience. Either as a complementary stand-alone program or embedded into an existing cyber defense program, cyber resilience refers to a company’s ability to continue business operations and outcomes in spite of cyber attacks or events.

To minimize business risk, a good security programs should be holistic and consider all aspects of business continuity. Critical operations must continue in spite of a cyber attack or disruption. Cyber defense programs must be a combined effort that fits into an organization’s overall holistic approach. Though this may seems complex to implement, with just a few simple steps and actions, you can effectively increase your ability to manage and mitigate an otherwise costly cyber breach.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why good cyber resilience is part of defending your critical business process
  • How to map and prioritized your assets and your converged cyber defense space
  • Five practical steps you can take within your organization to create a complementary cyber resilience program