On-Demand Webinar

Financial Exchanges - External Cyber Defense for When Your Attack Surface Is Everywhere

On-Demand Webinar

The evolving cyber threat landscape has security teams scrambling to respond to an onslaught of attacks from all angles. From sophisticated phishing kits that can be used by even novice hackers, to vulnerabilities across the global supply chain, and the sheer volume of emerging attack vectors, the CISO’s job now includes much more than just securing an organization’s internal network.

Enter external cyber defense. New cutting-edge approaches to third-party cyber risk management will allow you to extend visibility outside your perimeter to identify, validate, and shut down cyber threats out on the internet and across your partner ecosystem.

Join a panel that includes Ryan Maroney, Global Head of Third Party Information Security for JP Morgan, and Robert Hannigan, former Director of UK cyber intelligence, GCHQ to learn how security teams can:

  • Advance from a reactive to proactive security posture to thwart attacks before they can cause damage
  • Identify and remediate risks across the entire third-party vendor and partner ecosystem
  • Scale threat response regardless of organization size and improve patch time for identified vulnerabilities


  • Robert Hannigan | Chairman, International, BlueVoyant
  • Ryan Maroney | Global Head of Third Party Information Security, JP Morgan
  • Brendan Conlon | COO, Supply Chain Defense, BlueVoyant
  • Shane Akeroyd | Vice Chairman, BlueVoyant