BlueVoyant Honored with Two L5 Awards from Microsoft’s Private Security Community

August 29, 2022 | 1 min read

Justin Staffel

Sr. Director, Microsoft Strategic Alliance

Justin Staffel Square Calcite Duotone

We’re excited to celebrate two BlueVoyant employees receiving their L5 Awards from Microsoft's Private Security Community, highlighting our commitment to being #securityexperts.

In January, we committed to an R&D program composed of the best Microsoft experts within our company. One team, one goal — to stay ahead of threats with a strong product roadmap. Why? Because our clients, Security Operations Center, and Microsoft need us to. We are on a mission to help Microsoft customers maximize their security value in Azure and Microsoft 365.

Mona Ghadiri, Director of Product Management, led the initiative. She received her Defender for Cloud L5 Black Belt badge, awarded to members of the Private Cloud Security Community, completing the highest level of technical engagement. She was required to complete more than seven Microsoft Defender for Cloud engagements in the Cloud Security Private Community to improve Microsoft features in Defender for Cloud.

Mona currently ranks eighth globally on the 2022 Private Security Community Leaderboard.

Partnering with Microsoft on new security features shortens our runway to onboarding new features. In addition, this constant innovation for our managed service clients results in a higher return on investment and risk reduction for their Microsoft Security strategy.

Microsoft black belt awards

BlueVoyant's focus on Defender for Cloud as a critical innovation opportunity results in clients extending their visibility beyond XDR and Sentinel to multi-cloud. The integration of Defender for Servers and other parts of Defender for Cloud and Sentinel creates a single incident queue, automation, and triage workflow. BlueVoyant is also focused on creating additional Sentinel content that supports Defender for Cloud operations.

Also leading the charge internally and with Microsoft is Caleb Freitas, Director of Microsoft Consulting Services, North America & Latin America. He received an L5 badge for Microsoft Sentinel.

"Sentinel Microsoft's cloud-native SIEM continues to evolve with new features and functionality that we as practitioners know we need to protect and defend against threats," Freitas said. "Plus, it’s great to see that BlueVoyant is living out ‘security is a team sport.'"

Justin Staffel is BlueVoyant's Microsoft Alliance Leader.

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