Cybersecurity Is a Team Sport: BlueVoyant Helping Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Offerings as a Design Partner

May 10, 2022 | 3 min read


Microsoft's new security services portfolio, which includes a new managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service, offers customers more advanced cyber defense.

BlueVoyant brings its cybersecurity expertise to three new services from Microsoft announced Monday that include a threat hunting expert offering, managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service, and Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise. At BlueVoyant, we are excited to share that we have been a design partner on all three of these new services, with the mission of jointly offering our clients best-in-class defense.

BlueVoyant and Microsoft have been working closely together for some time. In 2021, BlueVoyant was named a Microsoft Security 20/20 Partner Awards Winner for Top MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Team. BlueVoyant is a finalist in this year’s Microsoft Security Excellence Awards for Security MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) of the Year. BlueVoyant was also named as one of Microsoft’s top 150 managed security partners, an elite honor given that Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of partners, according to the company. I am also a 2022 top contributor in Microsoft’s Cloud Security Private Community.

With hundreds of Microsoft Sentinel deployments, we have learned customers want to maximize the features and benefits of a cloud native SIEM, so BlueVoyant authored a best practices guide for Microsoft Sentinel. We have extensive knowledge and publish diagrams across all of Microsoft’s security offerings, including integrating Microsoft Sentinel, M365 Defender, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud, which not many other cybersecurity companies — or even Microsoft partners — can say.

The best defense comes from a team of cybersecurity partners working together, and that growing cybersecurity expertise globally must be part of the mission. In other words, “teamwork makes the dream work." Six years ago, I was a process engineer in plastics manufacturing. I love being part of this team, but even converts like me are not enough to fix the cybersecurity skills gap. Innovation through managed security services is the answer.

Microsoft’s new MXDR service couples cyberattack stage visibility, automation, and detection capabilities with BlueVoyant Microsoft Threat Experts and our platform. There still aren’t enough of us in the security industry, but the technology we use and the skill we possess are both unique. That said, our threat experts consist of teams that have “put in the reps at the gym;” have “competed” in government and private industry at the highest stakes; and have experience knowing the game is not just won by results on the field, but off it as well. I am proud to count myself among BlueVoyant’s Microsoft Threat Experts. Whether we’re focusing on 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring, triage, and remediation, content engineering, integrations engineering, app development, threat hunting, or incident response, cybersecurity is a team sport.

In regard to threat hunting, BlueVoyant will work with Microsoft to investigate advanced persistent threats, connecting customers with our threat experts. To help prevent future attacks, BlueVoyant will proactively detect and investigate while offering containment and remediation XDR response actions using Microsoft’s technology fabric. Additionally, true positives will be used to enhance technology so customers can better leverage Microsoft’s AI/ML in their defense against attackers, who employ similar methods found in ransomware-as-a-service and other malware toolkits. The service has a planned rollout starting this summer.

In addition to our best-in-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Professional Services, we also offer Third-Party Cyber Risk Management — which monitors and remediates any vulnerabilities from an organization's supply chains — as well as Digital Risk Protection, devoted to identifying and taking down threats in the open, deep, and dark web.

It goes without saying how much BlueVoyant looks forward to delivering the return on protection that Microsoft’s new services will provide our clients. Ready to join the team? We are always looking for Microsoft Threat Experts! Check out our Careers page.

Mona Ghadiri is a director of product management at BlueVoyant.