Atmos: Secure Private Client

Address your personal IT security concerns with BlueVoyant Secure Private Client

Backed by BlueVoyant’s world-class global cyber security platform, our Secure Private Client solution keeps security and data privacy at its centre. Built to support high profile individuals and their families as well as family offices with high-risk or media exposure, and small to medium sized businesses, BlueVoyant's solution keeps your personal information, business data, and intellectual property safe from today’s cyber criminals.

Our highly responsive, discreet and scalable solution has been designed to bolster cyber defences, protect personal and sensitive or confidential information as well as the reputations of our clients at home, in the office and when traveling. Our clients safety and peace of mind is our highest priority - our Secure Private Client solution enables our clients and their families to enjoy a secure, unrestricted lifestyle.

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Features and Benefits

  • Global Data Privacy

    Travel with confidence knowing Secure Private Client safeguards your personal, professional, and business-related data across the globe.

    External attack surface vulnerabilities
  • Continuous Monitoring

    Unique intelligence includes data leaks of any kind that may harm clients or lead to campaigns against executives; continuous monitoring of digital accounts ensures that credentials and personal information are secure.

    Cyber resilience of potential investments
  • Personal Brand Protection

    Our platform identifies spoofed or fraudulent social media accounts impersonating the target, working directly with social networks to have them removed.

    Supply chain tailored risk alerts
  • 24x7 Support Concierge

    Highly responsive, flexible, 24x7 IT support for all your needs.

    Supply chain cyber risk management security