On-Demand Webinar

Extending Human Capacity: How AI Bolsters Businesses and Cyber Attackers Alike

Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate, but the same can be said of threat actors. While businesses incorporate AI in their products or implement AI-based tools to facilitate workflow, threat actors can also make use of certain AI tools to increase the scope and volume of their attacks. AI is an effective tool for cybercriminals because of its ability to learn, anticipate, and evolve.

Between deepfake impersonations, optimizing malware code, AI-supported credential stuffing, and automated website cloning, the threat of AI-supported cyberattacks is clear.

So, what can security teams do to thwart AI-driven attacks? The increased volume can overwhelm teams without substantial resources. The types of attacks remain the same, but the volume of those attacks can increase exponentially when aided by AI programs.

Join our on-demand webinar as we explain how the rapid adoption of AI could impact your business. You’ll learn:

  • How threat actors can leverage AI to increase the volume and velocity of their attacks
  • What security teams can do to defend against AI-fueled attacks at scale
  • How advanced AI-driven cyber solutions can give defenders the upper hand against cyber fraud and brand abuse


Ron Feler Square Calcite Duotone
Ron Feler
Global Head of Threat Intelligence, BlueVoyant
Kevin calcite
Kevin Diffily
Product Marketing Manager, Digital Risk Protection, BlueVoyant