Webinar   |   July 21, 2022

A Left of Boom Cybersecurity Approach for a Right of Boom World

On-Demand Webinar

If your organization was impacted by a data breach, what’s your plan? How quickly you detect and remediate that intrusion will help you reduce the financial and reputational impact due to the fallout. A proactive plan can make all the difference, but where do you start?

Tune in to this on-demand webinar as we discuss the consequences of incomplete incident response plans, outdated training, and unprepared teams — all of which can lead to costly data breaches. You’ll learn best practices for building a proactive cybersecurity program with proper incident preparedness.

What you’ll learn:

  • Incident preparedness | Understand a breach’s impact and create a strong incident response plan.
  • Left of boom | Learn proactive tactics to reduce corporate risk exposure to a cybersecurity incident.
  • Right of boom | Know what to do when a cybersecurity incident occurs and how to get in front of it.
  • Continuous vigilance | See how BlueVoyant Elements can protect your infrastructure, monitor your supply chain, and keep your security team and employees aware of the latest attack vectors.
  • Frank Downs | Senior Director - Proactive Services, BlueVoyant
  • Matt Weber | Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, BlueVoyant

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