Why BlueVoyant is Rock-Solid

June 7, 2022 | 10 min read

Jason Thompson

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Thompson

A Journey to Elements and Beyond

Today, BlueVoyant unveiled BlueVoyant Elements — an outcomes-based, cloud-native cyber defense platform that delivers positive security outcomes that drive business results for our customers across the globe. When I was introduced to Jim Rosenthal and the BlueVoyant team last August, I could see the company’s tremendous potential and the amazing progress it had made since its founding in 2017.

Having worked in cybersecurity since 2009, cutting my teeth with a leading SIEM vendor and then later working in the third-party cyber risk management and threat intelligence spaces, I could see how each of these tools impacted the market and the security posture of the companies that had deployed them in an extremely positive way.

The big challenges I saw emerging in the cybersecurity industry were:

  • Resource constraints, especially time

  • Escalating costs and pushback on new technologies

  • Vendor sprawl and the proliferation of tooling, now with some 6,850 cybersecurity vendors out there on the market

  • Talent gaps and a lack of cybersecurity staff

  • Security issues, and it was not necessarily getting better

When I joined BlueVoyant, the first thing I noticed was that the company had the best technology, talent, and telemetry in the market. Each was amazing in its own right, but when we started putting these things closer together, a burgeoning chemical reaction started taking hold. Internal and external cyber defense convergence capabilities enriched use cases across the board. For instance, our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers were getting insane capabilities by enriching their internal network and endpoint data with our third-party telemetry, as well as our external threat intelligence data supplied through our digital risk protection service.

Rock Solid

This interplay between internal and external cyber defense finally brought together the fascinating tools and solutions from across the market that I had seen deployed in the past but never in the seamlessly integrated way that BlueVoyant was able to do.

As we started working more and more with cross-functional use cases, we all collectively realized the incredible value that our cyber fusion capabilities delivered to our customers, the combination and integration of our security operations center (SOC), our risk operations center (ROC), and our threat operations center (TOC). In fact, our operational capabilities, combined with our tech, permits us this highly differentiated capability to detect and respond to vulnerabilities, threats, and risks like no other — 24x7x365.

Fusion Center

Elements delivers full-spectrum, cyber defense capabilities but also can be deployed as a modular solution. This enables customers to start with the use case that is important to them today, and then expand to other use cases as the need arises.

This acutely solves, in a big way, the issue of vendor sprawl and tool proliferation. According to a good friend of mine who was a former CISO for one of the largest global private equity firms, and today is a venture capital investor in his own right, there are more than 80 cybersecurity tools in the tech stack for most large enterprises. Even medium-sized enterprises typically have 40 or more.

The ability to consolidate vendors in tooling not only creates economic efficiencies, which makes the CFO happy, but it also reduces the burden on staff to deploy, integrate, and manage all of these tools. Consolidation also improves security outcomes because when people, processes, and technology function together, it is far more likely that critical issues will be identified and addressed.

Finally, the talent gap. Without a doubt, working with such talented people at BlueVoyant is one of the things I like best about the company. Many of our leaders and staff have experience working in some of the most hardened cyber defense environments in the world, protecting critical infrastructure, national security, and companies that make up the backbone of our economy, namely the healthcare system, financial systems and more — all from advanced and sophisticated threat actors. From proactive defense to continuous monitoring and incident support, this team has unbelievable expertise. To that end, it shows in the way customers leverage our people to support their own staff at both a strategic and tactical level.

Elements is born from something that already existed at BlueVoyant — I didn't need to invent it, just explain it. Put simply, it is a platform that has all of the technology ingredients needed to profoundly transform the cybersecurity industry, all backed by the expertise required to get the job done.

The suite is robust. BlueVoyant Core: MDR takes its name from the central nature of internal cyber defense and the need to protect your own estate, no matter if it is on-premises or in the cloud. BlueVoyant Terrain: SCD speaks to the need to understand your external attack surface and the cybersecurity posture of your vendors and business partners. BlueVoyant Sky: DRP provides visibility to threats emanating from across the open, deep, and dark web, coupled with the capability to automatically take down and block threats against your business. BlueVoyant Liquid: PS is named as such because our expertise is in everything we do, from proactive cyber defense to incident response and everything in between. It is an intrinsic part of who we are as a business — and we will always value the human-in-the-loop cyber defense element.

At the end of the day, Elements provides end-to-end capabilities that companies and government entities need to solve for the most pressing cybersecurity challenges they currently face. We refer to this as rock-solid cyber defense, which is a critical component of our brand and vision. I am personally excited to be on this journey at BlueVoyant and look forward to working with folks in the cybersecurity community as we develop this incredible concept. It is a concept that is now a living and breathing platform, which delivers positive security outcomes.

We hosted a webinar to discuss the new Elements platform and the five-year vision for the company. Watch the recording on demand here.

Jason Thompson is the Chief Marketing Officer of BlueVoyant and has extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry, having built five well-known industry brands.