Tools for NIS2 Success: BlueVoyant's NIS2 Diagnostics

April 4, 2024 | 2 min read

Kevin Diffily

Product Marketing Manager, Risk & Compliance

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The European Union has taken an important step towards strengthening its digital defences with the introduction of the second Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2). The NIS2 Directive builds on the foundation of the previous Directive from 2016, responding to the increasing attacks on supply chains and the need for more robust reporting procedures across Europe. This directive affects more than 160,000 companies operating in the EU, particularly those classified as “essential” and “important" companies in 15 key sectors. You can learn more about the Directive in our comprehensive reference guide.

NIS2 requires these companies to comprehensively overhaul their cyber security practices, forcing them to reassess and improve their supply chain protection measures and reporting obligations. With the compliance deadline set to expire in October 2024, companies are beginning a race against time to meet the stringent requirements of NIS2.

Failure to comply with these comprehensive requirements could result in significant fines, amounting to €10 million or 2% of annual global turnover for “essential companies” and €7 million or 1.4% for “important companies”.

How to Prepare Your Business for NIS2

Current cyber security frameworks such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) or ISO27001 can provide a solid foundation that can ease the NIS2 transition for organizations. The EU's NIS2 directive not only raises the bar for cyber security, but also highlights the importance of a unified and proactive approach to protecting the digital landscape from new threats. Companies need to approach these changes with care and foresight.

BlueVoyant: Your Guide in Navigating NIS2 Readiness

BlueVoyant can help determine if your organization is in scope and provide a clear understanding of your NIS2 maturity. We start with your choice of a self-led NIS2 readiness assessment or a technical assessment to assess your posture with recommendations for meeting the NIS2 requirements using BlueVoyant and Microsoft solutions.

Our technical diagnostic assesses your current NIS2 posture. You'll get insights into the following:

  • Measure Microsoft 365 Configuration Readiness: Align Microsoft 365 configuration against NIS2 directive requirements.
  • Tailored Security Enhancements: Utilize Microsoft Secure Score for personalized security improvements and best practices.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Identify and prescribe mitigations within Microsoft 365 to safeguard against cyber threats.
  • Boost Operational Resilience: Expose opportunities for continuity and reliability of services improvements to meet NIS2's resilience objectives.
  • Strategic Security Investment: Guide resource allocation for immediate impact and long-term cyber security strategy alignment with NIS2.

After assessing your maturity against NIS2 controls, BlueVoyant can identify any gaps and fulfil each of the requirements included in the directive, enhanced by our extensive technology partnership with Microsoft. We partner with Microsoft to deploy and manage security solutions that check all the boxes for NIS2 compliance. Our platform combines internal and external cyber defence capabilities, while our Professional Services team delivers custom reports and security assessments to assure your security team of its NIS2 posture.

Initially, our platform can help users configure known data security policies and deploy sets of baseline rules for each compliance requirement they are beholden to. This includes:

  • Mapping security measures to specific subcategories of frameworks
  • Directly mapping into the requirement's structure in the platform
  • Identifying, protecting, and defending against threats, including ecosystem governance and detection and response capabilities.
  • Logging security events by tracking past incidents and configuring ways to escalate and register incidents to the appropriate parties

Our platform is evidence-based and helps identify a user's current state vs a desired state by establishing targets and configuring maturity of each function. We can map to compliance requirements and then measure the maturity of your program and the effectiveness of your operation.

Want to get started on your journey to NIS2 readiness? Contact a BlueVoyant representative today.

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