NIS2 Reference Guide

In order to standardize cybersecurity and cyber risk management practices across Europe’s critical infrastructure business ecosystem, the European Parliament recently adopted an update to the original Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive first published in 2016.

Any organization intending to do business in Europe will need to comply with the new NIS2 directive by October 2024. The time to prepare for the implementation of NIS2 is now, but what does the new directive practically mean for your business and your cybersecurity program?

This reference guide provides an overview of the key aspects of NIS2, including the cyber security capabilities needed to address new requirements, as well as a handy glossary to better understand the meaning of the specific terminology used in the directive.

Download the NIS2 Reference Guide to discover:

  • The latest European cybersecurity requirements for different types of critical infrastructure businesses and organizations

  • Practical ways your organization can address the new requirements and make sure you are ahead of the curve on implementation

  • How cyber defense platforms like BlueVoyant can help guide and attain the requirements set down NIS2 and other frameworks

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