Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Taking our lead from globally-recognized information security standards, we help customers define a set of processes and procedures to address business needs, remove uncertainty, while directly addressing your needs.

What We Do

We act as your expert advisors on all matters of information assurance and cybersecurity. As your cybersecurity partner, you get access to a dedicated account manager and team of skilled security experts who take ownership of information security for your business. We work with you in the long term to help make sure you stay protected against the changing cyber threat landscape and stay compliant with standards.

In addition to working with you as your virtual CISO, we also use our in-house UK government-trained and CREST-certified penetration testing team conduct vulnerability assessments and simulated attacks on client technology platforms across the world. Whether testing inside your offices, data center or from the internet, our team will highlight key risks and demonstrate how to protect your technology from a cyber attack. These include:

Aligning Security Concerns with Your Business Needs

Cyber Operating Model

  • We assess and advise on how roles and responsibilities specific to cyber and information security have been resourced and deployed, and work with you to deliver an organization-wide cybersecurity operating plan.

Security Policies, Governance, and Compliance

  • We assess and suggest improvements to your security policies, governance, and regulatory compliance, including obligations regarding key artifacts applicable to legal and regulatory standards.

People Strategy

  • We help ensure that your staff is kept up to date on the latest attack techniques through security awareness training. We also review and help set up user access controls for sensitive data within your organization.

Technical Monitoring and Testing

  • Our team makes sure you have expert security monitoring in place to identify, detect, and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Regular organization-wide training and testing helps prepare your team on how to react to a cyber incident.

Third-Party Information Security Controls

  • Vetting the third parties and suppliers with whom you share information and data is important. We ensure that the right system and processes are in place to optimize your approach and evaluate key risks that may exist in your supply chain.

Cyber Transformation

  • We help define and deliver an organization’s cyber strategy, integrating cybersecurity processes with key business activities and organization-wide operating models. By aligning the cyber strategy with your business strategy, we ensure that it reflects key business outcomes and priorities.

Addressing Key Risks and Protecting Your Business Assets

Infrastructure Testing

  • We provide white or black box penetration testing to assure your on-premises or in the cloud infrastructure meets all required standards. All results are provided in a detailed report, including remediation support if required.

Web Application/API Testing

  • Using the OWASP top-10 methodology, we identify security issues resulting from insecure development practices. Multiple application testing methods are utilized to ensure proper security is integrated throughout the lifecycle of your application.

Wireless Network Testing

  • We perform wireless network testing to identify security weaknesses in your secure wireless environment, and ensure there are no rogue or malicious access points that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Simulated Phishing Test

  • How likely are your employees to open or click on phishing emails? A simulated phishing test will provide you with a benchmark on how likely it would be for your organization to fall victim to common phishing techniques, and help you to increase staff awareness.

Social Engineering

  • It is often said that the human element is your biggest security risk. With a social engineering engagement, find out how easily sensitive data can be taken from your organization by manipulating unsuspecting employees.

Red Team Simulated Attack

  • If you are looking for a real-world test of your organization, our ex-intelligence services consultants can construct highly sophisticated scenarios with the goal of data exfiltration and persistent access.

Why Trust BlueVoyant?

We combine a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, industry-best data, and process automation to help businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing landscape.

  • World-class cyber experts

    Our team is comprised of world-class cyber experts led by former senior leaders from the NSA, FBI, Unit 8200, GCHQ, and Fortune 500 companies.

    We serve as an extension of your security team to deliver a level of protection previously available to only the largest and most well-defended organizations.

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  • Largest Globally Distributed Private Sector Datasets

    BlueVoyant uses the largest globally distributed private-sector datasets to track and prepare against the latest attack vectors.

    We identify and mitigate threats as they emerge, ensuring your business and wider ecosystem are always prepared for rapid, effective response and threat neutralization.

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  • Custom-built automations

    Our custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, help detect threats faster, eliminate false positives and reduce manual tasks.

    They turn our experts’ tradecraft into code, so we can scale across your threat landscape and focus where it counts.

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Call us at +44 2030 393 395 or email [email protected] if you need our assistance or have a query about our response retainer.