Questionnaire Response Validation and Management

Validate findings against multiple regulatory and risk control frameworks and questionnaires.

  • Questionnaire validation

    Validate that supplier performance is consistent with their responses to questions in the questionnaires.

    Cyber risk questionnaire
  • Trust but verify

    Continuously monitor cyber risk to validate statements made by third parties within standard and company-specific questionnaires and frameworks.

    Threat validation
  • Combine policy & process questions and open text responses with external threat data

    Seamlessly unite questionnaire responses with third-party cyber defense data through a unique integration of questionnaires and continuous cyber risk monitoring.

    Risk validation
Supply Chain Defense

Move beyond trust with validation. Evaluate and mitigate cyber threats continuously, not on a one-time basis

  • Comprehensive Defense

  • Rapid Risk Remediation

  • Compliance Alignment

  • Dynamic Oversight

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