User Awareness Training

An educated employee is the best way to thwart phishing attacks and protect your assets.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Our trainers have years of front-line experience combating threat actors

  • Our phishing tests, conducted before the training, are customized for your specific organization’s employees, processes, and technology

  • Our post-training assessment provides actionable guidance for improving habits and building a culture of security within your team

  • The typical one-time training program lasts four weeks, but we can administer an ongoing security awareness program

BlueVoyant offers a bespoke approach that uses guidance from leading SMEs. In as little as four weeks, our engagements include phases for discovery, training design, delivery and review.

Awareness training is a collaborative approach

Even the savviest person can be coaxed into clicking on a seemingly innocent email that’s designed to expose sensitive data. Our four-step approach helps your employees become continually vigilant.

  • Baseline phishing test using information relevant to your workforce
  • We design a truly specialized training program that suits your unique environment
  • Training sessions cover the threat landscape, techniques for detecting and mitigating phishing attacks, and more
  • Finally, we’ll measure the knowledge and motivation levels of your team for future improvement

Additional Resources

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