HIPAA Readiness Program

Prepare for HIPAA by obtaining and maintaining compliance.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • BlueVoyant is an American Hospital Association Preferred Cybersecurity Service Provider (APCP)

  • This approach combines our tailored risk-based assessment with HIPAA Security Rule 45

  • Right-sized, integrated, holistic cybersecurity program for compliance readiness

  • Investigations using our cloud-based forensics labs mean you get answers without losing chain of custody

  • VISIBL continuously identifies security vulnerabilities on devices and cloud environments

  • Microsoft Security U.S. Partner of the Year, and two-time Global Splunk PS Partner of the Year

Learn about the Security Rule (SR) 45 for HIPAA compliance with BlueVoyant’s HIPAA Readiness Workshop

Readiness Workshop

  • Identify key components of the HIPAA compliance checklist
  • Discuss how your existing technology and controls comply with the recommended safeguards
  • BlueVoyant will provide recommendations on how to maintain compliance moving forward
hipaa compliance checklist

Cyber Readiness Assessment

  • Using HIPAA SR 45 compliance requirements and industry-tested cybersecurity frameworks, BlueVoyant will perform a comprehensive cybersecurity program gap evaluation and maturity assessment
  • We'll build an 18-to-24-month security improvement roadmap that categorizes improvements by risk level, identifying which risks require immediate attention, and which have a lower impact
Cyber readiness assessment security risk

Cyber Readiness Program

  • For organizations required to be in compliance with HIPAA SR 45, we’ll use the HIPAA Cyber Assessment to determine what BlueVoyant proprietary software and services are needed in your existing technical stack to help you obtain and maintain compliance

  • This will help right-size your cybersecurity program to help meet key HIPAA compliance requirements

hipaa cyber assessment

Assess, design, implement, and manage your readiness

Our team will help your organization assess cyber gaps to meet HIPAA compliance, create a remediation plan, then implement needed changes, such as configuration, software deployment, and services, to help strengthen your security posture and HIPAA readiness.

  • Determine your cyber requirements based on HIPAA Security Rule 45
  • Perform a thorough cyber assessment with prioritized remediation and roadmap
  • Provide end-to-end vendor risk management within your supply chain
  • Continuously identify vulnerabilities with your devices and cloud environment
  • Provide incident response and breach digital forensics investigation
  • Deploy relevant software and services to help improve your readiness

Additional Resources

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  • Incident Response Retainer for 24x7 expert support

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