Dark Web Investigations & Litigation Support

Actionable intelligence and context to protect against threats from the dark web, as well as expert consulting for data privacy litigation matters.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Proven record of data privacy class-action lawsuit investigation support and consulting

  • Comprehensive investigations to determine availability of relevant PII in dark web venues

  • Unrivaled open-source and dark web investigative capabilities

  • World-class dark web and threat intelligence subject matter experts

  • Post-breach consulting, remediation, and response

BlueVoyant can help you understand the extent of your post-breach data leak. If it results in a lawsuit, then we can provide investigative support and expert witness testimony to showcase the stolen data’s impact.

Data security and privacy improvements using investigations

Post-breach, we help determine data leakage. Proactively, we help you to understand cybercriminal threats you face, identify vulnerabilities, and help you to reduce your attack surface.

  • Comb the dark web to determine threats against your organization
  • Understand what sensitive information is available on the dark web
  • Identify the digital presence of your key employees
  • Determine the potential availability of victim PII in dark web venues
  • Support data privacy attorneys on lawsuits pertaining to data loss

Forensics and Incident Response Retainer

  • Pre-arranged, rapid response SLAs to minimize breach impact
  • Predefined IR chain-of-command, processes, and communication methods
  • Roll over unused hours into a retainer renewal
  • Annual Domain-Wide Third-Party Breach report
  • Quarterly threat briefings
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Incident Preparedness

  • Incident readiness review and incident response plan improvement
  • Compromise assessment to uncover any malicious activity in your computing environment
  • Threat exercises to test your team’s ability to detect, respond, and mitigate threats
  • VISIBL automated vulnerability scans, pen testing, and user awareness training
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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis

  • Technical tests and assessments to secure your products, personnel, and networks
  • Test your products using SAST, DAST, Secure Code Reviews, or IoT/SCADA device testing
  • Test your personnel using user awareness training, and Red Team or Purple Team exercises
  • Test your networks using all of the services listed above
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Additional Resources

  • Organization due diligence to improve your security posture

  • Forensics and Incident Response Retainer for 24x7 expert support

  • Digital Risk Protection to continuously monitor dark web, social media, domains, and websites

Professional Services provides numerous proactive solutions to help improve your cybersecurity posture