Cyber Transformations and Restructuring

Perform digital transformations, integrate or divest entities, or conduct cyber corporate restructuring without compromising your security posture.

BlueVoyant Advantages

  • Access powerfully effective security roadmaps built from our extensive frontline experience in advanced cyber threat response

  • Work with experienced consultants who have guided and implemented post-deal integration for organizations of all sizes

  • Receive security maturity assessments based on your corporate cyber restructuring needs, all aligned to key business strategies and outcomes

  • Gain an organization-wide target operating model designed and delivered by BlueVoyant that integrates cybersecurity across all functional business areas

  • Support your post-deal target integration, division divestiture, and cyber restructuring through a workforce assessment with follow-on training, development, and virtual CISO support

Gain a greater understanding of your cybersecurity risk posture so you can react, investigate, and contain risk.

Cyber Transformations

  • Assessment of the client’s cybersecurity practices across people, process, technology, and governance across security domains.

  • Identify program risks, critical assets & data. 12- 24 month security improvement roadmap and project charters.

  • Security technology optimization and rationalization.

  • Evaluate security architecture impacts of technologies being deployed, purchased, or under consideration for purchase.

cyber transformations

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Cyber Restructuring

  • Tailored solutions for a range of restructuring scenarios your organization may face.

  • Starting with a baseline assessment, BlueVoyant will help securely integrate, centralize, or divest businesses, adding any necessary one-time activities, such as endpoint compromise assessments, to help identify potential threats from the post-deal integration.

  • Our continuous vigilance will help ensure that your cyber restructuring is done securely.

mergers acquisitions corporate cyber restructuring

Digital Forensics

  • Perform compromise assessments to hunt and triage all covered devices for the entity with which you have merged, acquired, or integrated your cyber infrastructure.

  • Forensic analysis on computer hardware and other assets reclaimed as part of a divestiture to help you determine if a former employee has taken sensitive corporate data.

digital forensics services

Integrate and divest entities without compromising your security

Our team provides tailored solutions for a range of restructuring scenarios your organization may face.

  • Maturity assessment blended with relevant industry benchmarks to determine your cyber strategy
  • Cyber operating model recommendations integrate security processes with the rest of the business
  • Compromise assessment for acquired company devices
  • Advisors to support your skills gaps in relevant cyber projects and programs
  • Managed services to facilitate continuous vigilance over your post-transformation organization

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