Solution Spotlight

Public Sector Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management (UK Edition)

With suppliers and contractors at the forefront of the United Kingdom (UK) government’s supply chain, vulnerabilities in global distribution and complex management issues have emerged, mainly due to threat actors who are causing disruptions, seizing sensitive data, and intellectual property of its citizens. To that end, the UK government has gone so far as to categorize supply chain risk as a vital national security concern.

Looking ahead, government supply chains are only going to become more complex, distributed, and larger – thus making them more vulnerable. Taking the appropriate steps to identify, prioritise, and mitigate key supply chain cybersecurity deficiencies is imperative for government organisations, enabling them to gain all-important visibility and control.

In this solution spotlight, see how BlueVoyant:

  • Delivers a customised, cutting edge and end-to-end cyber supply chain solution
  • Not only works with private, but public organisations in the UK
  • Uses datasets, extensive automation playbooks, connectors, and more