The Growing Threat of Search Engine Ads: Mitigating Next Generation Phishing Tactics

Malicious search engine ads are a rising cyber threat, posing significant risks to both internet users and businesses. These ads come embedded in everyday searches and can redirect to phishing sites or trigger malware downloads, jeopardizing your personal, financial, and corporate data.

The vast and widespread digital advertising ecosystem makes this threat even more challenging to monitor and detect, and a single phishing compromise can result in brand reputation damage, financial loss, and dwindling customer trust.

Our latest report uncovers how adversaries exploit search engine ads and provides actionable steps for mitigation.

Download the report today to:

  • Discover research from our expert cyber threat analysts, who have been tracking this elusive phishing trend since early 2022.
  • Understand how search engine advertising works and how it's being abused for phishing, including fraudulent ads.
  • Gain actionable mitigation steps that you can implement to protect your digital presence.