Solution Spotlight

Securing State and Local Governments from the Latest Threats

BlueVoyant Core: MDR for Microsoft SIEM and XDR can help secure the people and infrastructure that serve us all.

Governments are growing more dependent on online and cloud-based services, allowing them to offer their communities easier access to a broad range of services. When you combine that with process automation and modernization, state and local governments can improve both service efficiency and quality. While digital transformation has helped governments better service their communities and lower costs, it does introduce new cyber threats.

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  • How BlueVoyant and Microsoft can help secure your online presence, endpoints, and infrastructures while remaining secure and compliant
  • Best practices to secure networks, endpoints, and cloud-based or on-premises apps and workloads
  • How Microsoft XDR and SIEM with BlueVoyant’s MDR SOC protect governments and halt the most sophisticated and fast-moving threats