Global Insights: Supply Chain Cyber Risk

About the Event:

This recorded livestream event featured 3 key cybersecurity and risk management experts on September 23, 2020.

Managing third-party cyber risk is fast becoming the defining cybersecurity challenge of our time. As organizations increase the number and variety of suppliers they work with, in pursuit of competitive advantage, they expose their enterprise network to the vulnerabilities of those partners.

Globally, we surveyed more than 1500 CIOs, CISOs, and CPOs to share their approach to managing third-party vendor cyber risk. Our research found:

  • 80% had been the victim of a breach originating in their partner network
  • 29% of those surveyed admitted they would not know if a cyber risk emerged in a third party

But statistics don't always tell the full story. Join our panel of experts as they discuss our research and reveal ways your organization can prevent an attack, as well as:

  • Comparisons between third-party risks within different industries and countries
  • Tactics to better manage the multiple tiers within the supplier ecosystem
  • How third-party cyber risk management is changing and evolving
  • Why cybersecurity defense budgets are on the rise