On-Demand Webinar

Protecting the Grid: The Evolving Threat Landscape and Proactive Defense in the Energy Sector

On-Demand Webinar

The global energy sector is not without its challenges and vulnerabilities. Since the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack and February 2022 attacks on a German oil logistics firm, ransomware and other threats remain top of mind. According to a recent BlueVoyant study, 13 percent of U.S., and 33 percent of international energy companies were highly vulnerable to ransomware-based attacks.

With a web of third-party vendors and a constantly changing global threatscape, the energy sector must mitigate risk proactively, instead of waiting for the next attack.

While the threats are real, shoring up your cyber defenses is possible. Check out this on-demand webinar with Jo De Vliegher, former CIO at Norsk Hydro; and Robert Hannigan, Chairman of BlueVoyant and former GCHQ director, as we discuss the energy grid landscape, the findings of BlueVoyant’s study, and how the industry can address risk with a proactive approach.

You will learn:

  • Ways to address zero-tolerance exploitations with easily implemented fixes
  • Advice for catching potential vulnerabilities, including those within your supply chain
  • How to create a culture of security awareness and a strong response plan within your organization


Robert Hannigan, BlueVoyant

Chris White, BlueVoyant

Jo De Vliegher, Client Partner at ISTARI