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Outsmarting Threat Actors: A Guide to Enhanced Microsoft 365 Security

Navigating cybersecurity often feels overwhelming. Multiple tools, limited staff, and underused security capacities leave many organizations vulnerable. In fact, 75% of Microsoft customers are not fully utilizing their Microsoft 365 security tools. But there's good news. Consolidating security solutions with Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance and Security add-ons can lead to significant savings - up to 60% for some. 

That’s where BlueVoyant comes in. 

As a global leader in Microsoft Security tools, BlueVoyant offers a simplified, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. We optimise Microsoft tools, providing clients with a unified security framework, replacing the need for multiple vendors, and enhancing your security posture. 

Our excellence is demonstrated by our 600+ Microsoft Sentinel deployments and the privilege of authoring the Sentinel Deployment Best Practices guide for Microsoft. We prioritize our clients, offering services without requiring you to place your data in our environment. 

However, consolidating Microsoft Security is easier said than done. That's why we're here.